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Isabelle and Isaac

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Our Story

Isabelle and Isaac officially met on one of their mutual friend’s infamous cabin weekends in February 2019. Even though the two ran in the same circles, they never formally met until that weekend. It wasn’t one of those immediate sparks fly moments rather the two just talked a lot. After the cabin weekend, Isabelle asked their mutual friend, Andrew for Isaac’s number. Once Andrew had approval from Isaac, he shared Isaac’s number with Isabelle. Isaac’s first question to Isabelle was to ask if she had ever had raw milk or knew where to find it. From there, Isaac and Isabelle texted every day until Isaac finally asked if she wanted to go out.

2020 came around and with it brought the pandemic. Suddenly nights out exploring new spots in Portland turned into walks with Isaac’s Dog, Oscar. It was those walks that really brought the two of them closer. During those walks that they connected the dots of where their paths overlapped. They talked of parties at Oregon that they had both been at and the places they spent the most time at while at Oregon. They recounted the various parties that they both had been at post-College and the blurry memories they had of seeing each. Westerbros, Slosh-ball, Rosé yet their paths never really crossed until that cabin weekend. Looking back at it all, they realized that one does really meet the right person at the right time.

Fast forward to May 2022, Isaac and Isabelle went to Manzanita for another beach trip. Isabelle thought this was a spur of the moment beach trip. For Isaac, this beach trip was a monumental one. The morning of 5/14, Isabelle thought Isaac might be up to something when he was overly concerned about the weather as well as being very specific about the time that they needed to take Oscar to the beach. As they put on jackets to head to the beach, Isabelle eyed Isaac’s coat and demeanor. There was no way this guy was about to propose to her; he was way too chill. It was a rainy weekend at the coast but the rain had paused by the time they headed down to the beach. The two walked down the beach path that the two had walked many times together throughout their relationship, and as soon as they got onto the beach, Isaac had Isabelle throw the ball for Oscar. Isabelle turned around and there Isaac was on one knee. Immediately, Isabelle fell to the ground in shock. Little did Isabelle know, the proposal wasn’t the only surprise Isaac had planned. After the two took photos on the beach they headed back to the cabin to start calling family and friends, at least that is what Isabelle thought. Isabelle opened the front door to the cabin and found herself falling to the ground again. The cabin was filled with all their close family and friends who traveled to the coast to make the day even more memorable.