It's Wedding Week!
Bus to the venue leaves at 3pm sharp. Boarding starts at 2:40pm. Ride-shares do not pick-up from the venue. Check Events page for all wedding weekend details. CAN'T WAIT TO CELEBRATE WITH YOU!





What is the venue address?

29335 S Beavercreek Rd, Mulino, OR 97042

What time should I arrive at the venue?

The ceremony begins at 4pm so we recommend arriving around 3:45pm.

What is the dress code?

summer cocktail attire

The venue is grass-free so don't worry about your heels sinking into the ground.

Am I allowed to bring my children?

Although we love your littles, the wedding is an adults only celebration. We appreciate your understanding and please reach out to us should you need help finding child care.

What is the easiest way to get to and from the venue?

The shuttle will be the easiest option if you don't feel like driving. Pick-up is at River West Church in Lake Oswego at 2:45pm. The shuttle will arrive back at River West by 11pm. You are also welcome to drive but we do ask that you have a designated driver to get you to and from the venue. We want the wedding to be a memorable one but a good memorable one!

Is there parking available at the venue?

Yes, there is parking available as well as plenty of ADA parking. You are also welcome to leave your car at the venue overnight in the event that you can't drive. You are welcome to catch a ride back on the shuttle and pick your car up the next day.

What time is the shuttle pick-up?

Shuttle pick-up is at 2:45pm and the best departs at 3pm sharp.

What time will your wedding reception end? Is there an after-party?

Our reception will end around 10pm with the shuttle departing at 10:25pm. We do not have a planned after-party but you are more than welcome to keep the celebration going once you get back into Lake Oswego/Portland!

What time does the shuttle leave the venue?

The shuttle will depart from Sage & Social at 10:25pm and will arrive back at River West at 11pm. The driver will make an announcement 10 minutes out from arrival to call uber/lift. You are also welcome to leave your car overnight at River West.

Should I be ready to tell a joke?


Will your wedding be indoors or outdoors?

Both! The wedding will be outdoors and the reception will be held inside the barn. The barn does have AC so if it's a very hot day then all reception events will happen inside the barn.

What will the weather be like on the wedding day?

Sunny and warm! Forecast is showing somewhere in the 80's

Is the venue handicap accessible?

Yes! Every area in the venue is ADA compliant.

What time is the shuttle drop off at the end of the night?

You will be back to River West parking lot by 11pm. The driver will let everyone know when they are 15 minutes out from River West for those that need to call an uber/lyft.

Can I bring a plus-one?

Oh la la. In order to keep our guest list on track we are only able to accommodate those guests formally invited on your wedding invitation. Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions!

I have more questions about your wedding, who can I contact?

Please reach out to Kay Knee or Mary Agnes Prosser with any additional questions you might have.